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  •  EMDR is an internationally known type of therapy developed  by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. In EMDR, the adaptive information processing model is used. This model emphasizes the brains information processing system. Traumatic memories are unprocessed memories which may lead to pathological symptoms.(Shapiro,F. 2006,2007). 
  • Through use of EMDR, Dr. Devlin can help you reduce  some of these psychological problems that have resulted from traumatic events.  
  •  Trauma therapy and EMDR is a specialized type of treatment that requires expertise and clinical certification.
  •  Dr. Devlin is nationally certified in EMDR through the international organization EMDRIA.
  • In addition to EMDR, there are other techniques and therapies that may also be used to address your specific concerns. 
  • Diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders are two of the many roles nurse practitioners are authorized to provide. 
  • Treatment of these types of conditions/disorders is provided together with medication management as a licensed prescriber. 
  • Dr. Devlin will provide an individualized treatment plan to address your specific needs.
  • The association between   depression and substance use is well known.  There is further data indicating that traumatic  experiences are also associated with substance use.  If you are addicted to substances and have experienced psychological trauma, EMDR is likely the best therapy for you. 
  • Medication Assisted Treatment for individuals with alcohol and opiates dependence. 
  • Medication Assisted treatment for individuals with psychiatric disorders and conditions
  • Child, Adolescent & Adult Therapy  provided


Dr. Sheila Devlin-Craane

Dr. Devlin is a clinical specialist and nurse practitioner in psychiatry, licensed and board-certified for more than twenty-five years. Training includes analytic psychotherapy,  marriage and family therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy.  As a clinician and prescriber, she has maintained national certification by the ANCC and is licensed in both New York and Connecticut to diagnose and treat those with psychiatric illness with full prescriptive authority. Doctor Devlin’s area of specialty is in the treatment of those with trauma-related conditions and stress disorders. She is certified in EMDR,  which is one of two therapies approved for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

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  Please contact us for an appointment at 800-477-5281 or email us at emdrfortrauma.com.  Medication management for children and adolescents by appointment. Child Psychiatrist  by appointment.-

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